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Link Building

SEO Link Building {That Works}

Link Building

Link building is still important for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Link counts as a vote. (Link = Vote) but search engine knows which votes count in term of authority, so. the link from does wonders than any other random irrelevant links.

Although Links are not everything but one of the ranking factor. Links work still  for ranking website on search engines.

Hence, Amazing Content + Quality Backlinks do magic 🙂

Search engine determines the value of websites like how good and original content is and how many pages linking them regarding Authority, Trust, and Spam.

So if we try to build low-quality links, e.g., Directory submission or over-optimized links will surely catch by search engine algorithms like Penguin and your site end with penalizing. So Avoid Links Spam.

How to effectively make Link Building?

Here is some Link Building Strategies will surely help you out.

1. Grab Competitors Links

Always Monitor your competitor’s backlinks so you can grab new link building opportunities.

Find how they got a link and try to replicate.

For this, you can use tools like Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Linkody or Openlinkprofiler.

But I like Ahrefs most for backlink analysis

Go to –> enter your competitor URL –> Explore

Check Referring Domains with Ahrefs

Check Referring Domains with Ahrefs

Ahrefs rated backlink with Domain Rating on a scale from 1 to 100. Find Backlinks with high DR which carry more “weight.”

Sort Referring Domains with High Domain Rating

Sort Referring Domains with High Domain Rating

High DR Referring Domains

Top DR Referring Domains

Identify their links like what kind of backlink  it is, e.g. Guest blog profile-link, contextual or comment.

Remove websites like directories or forums links

Go ahead and replicate those links.

PS: You can also use Moz Domain Authority Metric for link analysis.

2. Skyscraper Technique

Coined by Brian Dean – content-driven link building technique

It’s human nature to be attracted to the best.” — Brian Dean (

The Skyscraper Technique:

The idea is that find your competitors content which already got love in terms of social share and links.

Rebuild content with something better than your competitors like improved one.

Outreach the right people.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posts is an excellent way to earn natural authority backlinks. This will also strengthen a relationship with industry-relevant bloggers and boost your brand.

Find your Niche / Industry Related sites contribute content there because who don’t like creative contents?

You can find Guest Blogging Opportunities with some Google Searches Like:
[niche] + write for us
[Industry ] + intitle:”write for us”
keyword “guest post”
keyword “submit a guest post”

guest posting link building

Approach them & tell the topic you already were written

Send your post them (including author bio + link) and get your link.

4. Broken Link Building

broken link building 2017

Broken Link Building Technique is one of the traditional ways to build White Hat Links.

You just need to find your niche-specific sites with broken link

Outreach webmaster & pinpoint their broken links and ask for a replacement with your link.

You can use Ahrefs tool for this Broken link building prospects. So how to find broken links?

Go to –> Enter Prospect URL –> Explore

broken link building guide

Outgoing Links –> Broken Links

broken link building guide

Select Dofollow for Editorial Links

broken link building 2017

Done 🙂

New Broken Link Building

Now outreach webmaster.

PS: Your Link must be relevant to that broken link.

5. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting 2017

Blog comment not just brings no-follow backlink but also bring referral traffic back to your site. Just find popular blogs under your niche and leave a thoughtful comment which adds value to the post. Their readers also engage with your comment.

For Comment Opportunities, you can use tools like or

Blog Commenting Tool

Note: Use your real name and email address, Don’t use any anchor text in the comment.

So that’s it everyone.

Hope you like this article

Thanks. 🙂

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