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For Which Keywords Do I Rank For: Find out with Google Search Console

From old school to new school, keywords are the most important part of the SEO. Without knowing keywords that you are ranking for is like you are missing an opportunity to grow your site traffic.

So how to find keywords which already rank for your landing pages?

The answer is GSC (Google Search Console), previously known as Google webmaster tools.

We all know that GSC (Google Search Console) provides detailed insight, like what keywords your website rank with number of impressions, clicks, CTR and Average position as shown below in screenshot.

keyword research with Google Webmaster Tool

With a simple trick you can find the keywords for your landing pages.

Just follow the below steps:

Search Console > Search Analytics > Pages

keywords research


After selecting pages, it will show all your page links like below:

keywords 2016 ranking

You can Choose any page that you want to uncover its keywords

Or you can filter direct URL with Pages > Filter pages…

tool for finding keywords ranking for 2016

After selecting page like the following screenshot just select Queries at the same time

Find keywords my site

And Done 🙂

what keywords do i rank for


Bonus tips – find more relevant keywords with Kwfinder

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