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Merch by Amazon

Merch Informer Coupon Code 2022 / Merch Designer Coupon May 2022

Merch Informer Coupon

Merch Informer provides data that help you Find out what buyers want and exactly what is selling on!

Find the best-selling T-shirts for any keyword! See the product features, description, and BSR. Save each design concept as a favorite to send to your designer, check on copyright, report violation, and check competition with one button.

Coupon Code: AMIT15
merch informer coupon

Product Search

Merchant Search

Merch Hunter


Competition Checker

Keyword Finder

Listing Optimizer

Trademark Module

Merch Tracker

Merch Archive

Keyword Cloud

Social Hunter

Merch Analytics

Trend Hunter

Merch by Amazon Policy Update + Live Research

Pinterest Research

Merch Hunter

Movers and Shakers


Merch Designer

Now you can create Merch by Amazon T-shirts, Hoodies and PopSockets in Merch Designer

Here is the BIGGEST NEWS

Merch Academy 2.0 is an updated and upgraded video course that builds on Merch Academy 1.0. This is the most up to date Amazon Merch training available. Best of all, it’s…


Now you have the tools and data (Merch Informer) and the strategy (Merch Academy 2.0) to EXPLODE your Merch business.

Merch Informer Mobile App

Download Merch Informer Mobile App for Android – Download

Merch Informer Discount

You can also avail of a 3 days trial offer where you can use all the features of their website after that you can use this tool by paying the amount, apart from that, I have come up with a new offer which you can avail a 15% offer on first purchase, the coupon code for the same is mentioned below, Happy Merching!

Coupon Code: amit20 for 20% discount

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PrettyMerch Pro is a supercharged version of the popular PrettyMerch Chrome Extension for Merch by Amazon sellers.
It adds more time-saving features and better analytics of your sales, helping you make a smarter decision about what products to upload.
Upgrade to PrettyMerch Pro to unlock these impressive features

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How To Make Money With KDP

premium fonts for merch by amazon

create mockup for merch by amazon

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