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Make Money Online Selling Books on Amazon Without Writing Anything Using Kdp

I heard KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon) just two months back.
I decided to give it a try and publish five books all blank journals(“low” Or “no” content books) the first month I sold nothing. And I thought this not for me.

After one month, I rechecked my account, and bingo sold my two books with $2.00 per book sold lol.

And below result after publishing 32 books.

make money on amazon selling books

make money on amazon

Not bad 🙂

So how to get started with KDP?

Amazon KDP = Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
KDP lets you to self publish your books
Besides, it provides you a distribution to Amazon’s huge shopper base!
In simple its print on demand books through the KDP program.

All you need to upload a cover, an interior(inside book content), a title, and some keywords and your paperback book ready for sale on Amazon. Generally, it takes 24-36 hours to confirm your book before it goes active on Amazon.

Whenever your book sold, Amazon will print the paperback book, send the book to the shopper. And you get your royalty! Easy right?

Step 1: Create a KDP Account

Sign up for KDP: https://kdp.amazon.com/


If you already have an amazon account, you can log in with the same email.

But, I suggest Sign up with a new email id.

Note: You can create only one KDP account for life for one pc never open another account for a test or any use they will ban you for multiple accounts.

Complete the inquired information.

kdp sign up

Done 🙂

Now you can publish notebooks, journals, planners, diaries, sheet music paper, comic book paper, and more with KDP.

And the cool part is that you don’t have to be a writer at all.

Create Content Interior:

In order to get a FREE interior, go to this page on bookbolt.io interior wizard

Create 6 x 9 No Bleed Journal with 120 pages (Black Lined Journal)
Live Example: https://bit.ly/2yrBuzq

Free KDP Interior Generator

Download PDF

KDP Low content book

Create 6 x 9 Cover:

If you are expert in Photoshop or Illustrator, you can create download individual templates from here
it must be 12.550 inches wide by 9.250 tall. 

KDP Cover Design

To make the process easy, I am using a designer tool Book Bolt paid tool.

Book Bolt Designer

You can register with LIFETIME Coupon JUST $99 ONE TIME PAYMENT(* Not Working)
Use: amit20 for 20% discount off entire order

Now Choose Template

KDP Low Content Book

After you click Submit, it will make out your cover template.

KDP Cover Design

In order to make sure that your books go within on the KDP for sale, we want to make sure that cover doesn’t have a transparent background.

For that click on the shapes menu on the left-hand menu, pick a rectangle shape, and give it a color, then drag it over your book.

As you can see my book a black background.

KDP Cover

Now we add Title to our Book

NOTE: Your book cover MUST equal whatever title that you give your book in KDP.

Lined Journal KDP

Download PDF

Lined Journal

Now that you have your low content book cover and interior
Get ready for upload on KDP 🙂

Uploading to KDP:

Now go back to KDP where you created your account and log in.

You will see +paperback. This is what you want to click.

Note: these are print on demand books, NOT ebooks.

Create KDP Paperback

You now have 3 various tabs to fill out:

KDP tabs

First, pick a language. Select English for this cause we are selling on Amazon.com

The second box requires you to add a book title:

KDP Book Title and Subtitle

Skip next boxes like Series, Edition Number, and contributor section.

But, you need to add an author.

You can use pen names. If your book gets rejected, you will want to go back and add your author to your cover around.

For this example, I’m using: Jaclin Lined Journal

author name kdp

Add Small Description:

description KDP

check this box:

KDP Rights

Add Keywords!

for this, you can use amazon.com itself with auto suggestion query

Amazon Search

But I am using Book Bolt  keyword suggestion tool [Book Bolt Tutorials] kdp-keywords

I selected these keywords:

kdp keywords

Select Category:

juvenile > nonfiction > language arts > journal writing
Use this tool for more idea – here
KDP categories

Select No and Click Save and Continue

save kdp
Now Click on the assign me a free KDP ISBN:
free-ISBN Number for KDP
Now you need to select a publication date. Just select today’s date for this part.
or you can save this field empty
KDP Date

Print Options:

print options kdp

Upload your manuscript:

Upload PDF file interior that you downloaded from the interior wizard.


Upload Book Cover:

book cover kdp

Book Preview:  Click Launch Previewer and wait…

Book Preview KDP

Once the process has made your files, just click approve in the lower right-hand corner:

preview KDP

Pricing: save and continue


Scroll down the bottom of the page and click on publish your Paperback Book.

KDP Tutorial

kdp low content book tutorial

Done 🙂

Note: It can take up to 72 hours for your book to be available on Amazon

Live linkHere

KDP Royalties Update: November 2019


kdp royalties 2019

December: 2019

kdp earnings

January: 2020

kdp low content books earnings

August: 2020Kdp income report 2020
KDP Ads:

kdp low content books advertising


Keyword Research Guide For No Content & Low Content Books:

Niche Research Guide For No Content & Low Content Books:

KDP Income Report April 2020 | Low Content Publishing:

Book Bolt Webinar – Research, Covers, Keywords, Listings:


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