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GoPBN Review: Best PBN Hosting for Your Private Blog Network

PBN hosting has emerged as a popular subject amongst the SEOs. Along with the latest report of SEO hosting company going through a binge of deindexes, SEO companies are looking for a safer solution.

Seeing that PBNs don’t have any trails, the main aspect in PBN deindexes is hosting. To begin with, SEO companies who use a PBN tends to evaluate hosting services slightly different that the other webmasters. The most vital aspect on which web hosting services is judged is their ability to minimize the de-indexes risk.

PNB hosting is specially designed for those who are looking for more advanced SEO tools. When you get to host on multiple IP classes (Class A, Class B, and Class C), it provides search engine optimization advantageous to each site or blog.

Top PBN hosting websites:

  1. GoPBN:

GoPBN is one of the best Private Blog Hosting platforms.  GoPBN offer serves from the best hosting companies from across the globe.

With GoPBN you can grow Private Blog Network from 10-1000 blogs with just a single click and organize them in multiple locations along with multiple IP addresses.

GoPBN was established by a group of hosting professionals who have vast knowledge of software, hardware, and virtualization. They paired their expertise with pioneers of SEO industry and offer you the most efficient way to create a Private Blog Network.

You can be sure that every Private Blog Network will be hosted on a completely unique IP identity. They offer Amazing GUI that makes it easier for you to organize all the blog networks from a single place. They are capable of putting the blogs over 12 unique locations.

GoPBN Review

GoPBN is featured easy navigation yet powerful systems to manage hosting, DNS, Registrars, etc., they employ APIS code for maximum security. So you can let the panel do all the heavy lifting and concentrate on growing the business.

Features of GoPBN:

  • Footprint Free
  • 100% Control
  • Preferred Location Selection
  • Monthly Billing
  • Single Domain Deployment
  • Multiple Domain Deployment
  • Backed Up by the Top SEOer and Hosting Company
  • Built on 100% SSD
  • Auto Back Up

How to start PBN Blog using GoPBN?

Setting up a Private Blog Network is tough as well as expensive. However, if you manage to set things up rightly, you can significantly increase the search engine ranking of your website. GoPBN is the easiest and the most efficient way to set up your PBN:

Here is how you can set up PBN:

You can set up your Private Blog Network in two ways:

  1. By creating a private blog network on expired or dropped domains
  2. Setting up a private blog network on Web 2.0.

For setting up a successful private blog network, follow the steps goes in

  • Discovering a domain that is expired or dropped
  • Take you private blog network hosting
  • Set up the site on the domain

These simple steps will help you set up your Private Blog Network, and the reason this technique works is that it works to make your site anonymous and private.

GoPBN Review 2017

GoPBN hosting is used for multiple networks because GoPBN doesn’t own servers or networks rather they use the best host providers from the top companies around the world.

It is not just that it randomized the required DNS setting to maintain the anonymity as much as possible

  • Finding Expired Domain:

It is imperative to build the network on an expired domain as an expired domain brings higher authority than a new domain. Before registering the domain, it is important to check the website’s history to ensure that there isn’t anything apprehensive. Once the website is thoroughly verified, it is okay to move forward. Next step is to see whether the site is banned on Google.

  • Take your hosting

When setting up Private Blog Network, there are few aspects that need to kept in mind.

It is important that you have your website on a unique IP block ranges as it would look more natural. It is important to ensure that the website is not hosted on progressive D block of the same IP address

There are multiple ISPs available in the market that has multiple IP ranges. Having multiple ISPs add diversity on the blog network and thus helps avoid footprints. To ensure that the IP address is different GoPBN uses and search the address there to ensure that it is not already taken.

It is important to have random location, natural looking website have their backlinks from various countries and states. Set up the blog in various location to avoid the risk of the footprint. You can select the desired location for the site from the control panel of GOPBN.

Get different server names because that will further help you reduce the chances of footprints on the blog.

When you got your domain and preferred CMS up, it is time to set up the website on the domain. Along with hundreds of theme offered on the internet free of cost, CMS can be set as a default theme.

GoPBN pricing

Tips to Remember:

  • Ensure not to opt the same plugin sets and themes for the Private Blog Network as there lies a risk of leaving footprints.
  • Don’t use Google Adsense, Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics they also carry the risk of leaving a possible footprint.

For setting up PBN using GoPBN follow the steps:

  1. Go to sign up and set up an account then go to GoPBN deploy
  2. Enter your registered domain name
  3. Select or add a group; this will help you keep everything organized
  4. GoPBN offer 9 CMS, and soon more will be added, select your CMS
  5. Select your location
  6. Select your plan and deploy

Deploy Your First Private Blog Network (PBN Hosting)

Deploy Multiple PBN

Try GoPBN Today!

  1. Easy Blog Networks:

Easy Blog Networks Review

Easy Blog Networks is a dedicated for PBN hosting. Rather than being a hosting company, Easy Blog Network is a company that organizes WordPress blogs to various hosting sources and programs the entire maintenance. As a source they employ the biggest names on the Interest. They offer up to 500 unique IPs for over 100 data centers which is all offered by the host the company uses.


Easy Blog Networks Pricing

  1. offers unique server name. Additionally the name that is used for server names are registers under multiple IDs. Each IP address comes from different server thus each domain is capable of hosting in different and unrelated environment from one another. They offer IPs that has different ownership records thus the private blog network wouldn’t be tracked through IP ownership. They also offer the website to host on different web platforms.


PBN.Hosting pricing

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