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LiquidWeb Review (January 2018) – Quietly Awesome

Do you know a great hosting can boost your SEO rankings? It has been proven that good hosting can be a determining factor in the success and failure of your business or blog. Believe it or not, but this is absolutely true. Having a good host can make all the difference.  

Nowadays, almost every business needs a website, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a new and small shop or huge firm with thousands of work strength. Due to such a huge demand of website being made each day, a huge number of hosting companies emerge as well.

The Internet is flooded with hosting companies, but not all of them are great, some are even just plain bad. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when choosing then host like server up-time, customer support. I am going to cover those below.

About Liquidweb

liquidweb address

Liquidweb provides web hosting services and is based in Lansing, Michigan.They are a leader managed WordPress hosting for 17 years that makes them one of the best in their field.

They provide a wide variety of options which are Dedicated server hosting, VPS( Virtual Private Server) hosting, Cloud Dedicated hosting,

cloud sites and managed word press hosting. They closed down their shared hosting solution option in April 2016; this decision was made so that they can focus on providing better products and services for website with much more complex requirements. As of in 2015, they employ over 451 people and are trusted by over 30000 clients.


  • Free SSL certificate
  • Host multiple sites with one Liquidweb account
  • Heroic support
  • Amazing performance and uptime
  • Great security and backup options
  • Documentation and tutorials

I am going to talk about each of these in detail below:

SSL Certificate


There are many benefits of having SSL( Security Socket Layer) certificate installed on your website. Having SSL certificate installed ensures that information passed between servers remain private and legal. It’s meant for safeguarding any sensitive data such as credit card information that is sent between two systems. An SSL certificate shows the website is secure to users by displaying padded lock icon on the address bar in modern browsers.

Liquidweb provides free SSL certificate installed on your website.

Here is video in which shows how you can install SSL certificate on managed WordPress hosting in less than two minutes.

Amazing Performance and Uptime



Server uptime and performance are the most important factor to consider while choosing a host for your website. You don’t want your visitors or potential to go to your website and see the website is down right, that’s why Liquidweb hosting provides 99.995% uptime guarantee.

They understand their customer cannot afford downtime as it will ultimately result in loss of money and reputation. Instead of leasing their core data center they own it privately, this gives them much better operational control and helps them attain over 99.995% uptime guarantee.


Heroic Promises


Heroic promise is a promise made by the sincere team that manages liquid web to their customers.

The promise is mainly divided into three parts that are Pre-order, throughout your order and after you sign up.

  • Pre-order promise

Their promise starts before you even sign up. They provide US based live chat which allows you talk to trained technicians. The live chat is available 24 hours a day on the website. They provide transparent pricing modules with no hidden costs.

  • Promise throughout your order

You can communicate with Liquidweb staff via live chat or email while they are building their server.

  • Promise to their customers

They provide proactive updates.

If all this was not enough, they give numerous guarantees.

Here are they.


Heroic Promises

These promises and guarantees make them stand out from the rest of the hosting providers.


liquid web support

Liquidweb is well known for their great support in their field. In fact, they, boast about their support in all of their marketing campaigns. At first, it may feel like a marketing gimmick, I felt that the same way as well, but just when you face a problem and go their support you will realize how great it is and its worth boasting.

Just one form of support is not enough, that’s why they offer three solid channels (Live on-site chat, call and help desk) of support. All of these channels are very responsive and handle their customers with great care.

Liquidweb has one of the best reputations in the hosting industry and the reason for that is their focus on providing the best support for their customers.


Knowledge base and Tutorials

Liquidweb has a vast number of articles that rank very high for search queries in Google. All these articles are extremely detailed and easy to follow.

Knowledge base and Tutorials

Don’t like reading? Unable to follow steps in articles? Don’t worry, they even have video tutorials where you can follow step by step instructions. All these articles and tutorials are always up to date.

Support Guide


Liquid web is a bit expensive as compared to its competitors. Their lowest plan which is VPS hosting start from 59$ a month. 

Here is the price of all starting plans.



  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Heroic support
  • Knowledgebase, articles and video tutorials
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Reliable servers
  • Free migration
  • 59 Second phone call and live chat guarantee


The only negative I can think of would be pricing as its bit higher than its competitors. Liquidweb is tier 1 hosting company. Their target audience is top level web developers and company executives. They provide top quality hosting options which can be a bit expensive.

Here are some coupons you can use to get discounts from liquid web.
1. 75% off on Managed WordPress Platform. Coupon – INTROWP
2. Web Managed Storm VPS and Cloud Hosting: 33% off first 3 months! (You need
to fill this form to claim coupon). Coupon – NEWSPEED33
3. Dedicated Servers 33% off for 3 months Coupon – LABEL33
4. Dedicated Special Starting at $96
5. Liquid Web Cloud Hosting: Cloud Sites $99 Private/ Dedicated $119

Final thoughts and conclusion

Liquidweb is managed by dedicated team and are committed to providing quality solutions. As you may realize it by now, Liquidweb hosting is not for small websites. If you are looking for a solution with cheap hosting then Liquid web is not for you. Liquid web hosting is the best solution for medium and big sized websites.

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Liquidweb provides great fast, hassle free web hosting with exceptionally uptime.

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