KWfinder Alternative: Keysearch Review, better than KWfinder?

Blogging is an art of sharing your knowledge to other through the so-called internet. After being a blogger for a long time, anyone who has been a professional blogger for a long time will know some admitting facts about blogging, they are keyword research is the key to blogging, of course other things like content and SEO also plays a major role, keyword research is the first thing in the priority list others depend on this.

If you can having a living through blogging or you are trying to make money through blog, then you will have to find the keyword which has good cost per click rate and less competition to rank easily and make good money with it or if you are a hobby blogger, then never care about keyword just write what you want the visitors eventually will make you famous.

There are a lot of tools, services, software, freelance workers for keyword research, many big web development or digital marketing companies have a separate team for keyword research as it is a very vital thing in blogging. There are many famous keyword research like Keysearch, KWfinder, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc. Many bloggers use the free tool Google Keyword Planner, but the best-paid service is Keysearch.

According to me, Keysearch is a better tool than KWfinder, you will know it after reading this post. key search has a lot of extra features than KWfinder, of course, some features are absent, but the other make them vanish in the list of cons.

Keysearch Review



Features of KeySearch:

Highlights of Keysearch! Better than KWfinder?

Link Analysis

Link analysis is a tool in Keysearch which is capable of doing two main things in the service which are showing a detailed view of the URL Metrics and showing a complete list of backlinks of the URL in limited numbers according to the plan you have subscribed to. The URL metrics include the domain authority, page authority, trust flow, control flow, unique links, spam score, Moz rank, etc.

Competition Analysis

The sophisticated algorithm of keysearch allows you to do an in-depth analysis of the keyword you are searching for and you can also search the competition for a group of keyword at a single click which enables you to filter out the best one for you. All these features combined together you can almost crack the google's algorithm to rank the keyword easily.

Competition Analysis

SERP Rank Tracking - Live!

Using key search you can check the rankings of the keyword in search engine result page which is a gem to all the bloggers out there. Using this you can find the exact position of your keyword and you can easily improve your ranking by analysis the top ranking sites.

KeySearch Rank Tracking

Youtube Search (Beta)

This is a cool beta tool recently introduced to keysearch which is absent in all other keyword research tools available. All this tool does is the same as it does for the keyword analysis, except that the metrics are specially tweaked for youtube ranking.

YouTube Keyword research tool 2017

Pricing and Plans of Keysearch

Keysearch has some great and cheap plans for almost all types of bloggers. There are three types of plans that keysearch features, they are the Free trail plan for everyone to begin with and then a starter plan for small and hobby bloggers and the pro plan for professional bloggers with ultimate features.

Keysearch Pricing

1. The Free trial plan provides your difficulty analysis for 50 keywords, and you will get 10 research credits, you will get the youtube research feature, exact domain checks feature and also you will get access to the exclusive Keysearch API.

2. In the starter plan, you will get two new features link metrics and rank tracker for up to 40 keywords. And this plan provides you 200 daily difficulty analysis and 40 daily research credits. You can subscribe this plan for $17 monthly or $169 annually.

3. In the Pro plan, you will get all the features available in keysearch and 500 daily keyword difficulty analysis and 100 daily research credits and 100 rank tracker keywords. You can subscribe this plan for $34 monthly or $279 annually.

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After seeing all the features and services of keysearch we can definitely conclude that keysearch is better than KWfinder. Even though some of the features are not present in it, the other great features cover it up for them. Nowadays many pro bloggers who have been using Ahrefs and SEMrush for a long time are switching to Keysearch because of the features and the services that they provide at a lesser rate. Share your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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